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They recently put this to the test by checking which smartphone has the best WiFi connection ability. The app is easy to use and is trusted by telecom companies and IT professionals throughout SA. It is compatible with both Android and iOS users.

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They found that the average download speed over WiFi in South Africa was The results also showed that the average upload speed was 6. Most WiFi connections in SA are linked to a fixed broadband connection, so these speeds are indeed the average throughout. In which case the average is 0. Every time. According to the test conducted by My Broadband, those who use the Google smartphone enjoy the highest broadband speeds through their WiFi connections.

The top results, Google, Blackberry Android and iPhone, come as no surprise. These are high-end handsets and with the price tag, you would expect great connection speeds. Right at the bottom, Vodafone customers not only have the highest data rates, or data which just goes missing for no reason, but also the weakest connection.

At a dawdling 5. Or the line at Home Affairs over lunch time. Who has the best data deal in SA? Find out here Google's New Smartphones Google needs absolutely no introduction. The tech-giant owns the Android operating system, which is the most popular smartphone OS in the world.

Many people in South Africa aren't aware of their mobile handsets, though. The most recent addition to their lineup is the pricey Google Pixel 2 XL, which was launched in November last year. It comes with a 6-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of x pixels at a PPI of pixels per inch. However, Apple intentionally slowed iPhones with Qualcomm modems so they'd be no speedier than Intel's.

In a nutshell: Qualcomm's cellular modems were faster than Intel's. No surprise since Qualcomm has been working on cellular modems for a lot longer. And now, as Ookla's latest analysis shows, Android phones with the X20 modem smoke those with Intel modems. Basically, if you want the fastest and most reliable cellular data speeds around, you're not going to get them from any iPhone.

Internet Speeds by Country - Fastest Internet In The World Map

You'll need to pick up an Android phone with a Snapdragon chip. Ookla's results didn't surprise me. In many of my reviews of this year's Android phones equipped with the chip, I noticed the faster data speeds compared to those on the iPhone X. In my recent OnePlus 6 review , I wrote:.

Also, the gigabit LTE antennas definitely do their job.

2. Congested Wi-Fi

I had trouble streaming Cobra Kai it's sooo good! Make no mistake, Qualcomm has a clear reason to tout Ookla's latest report: Japan and Hong Kong residents on average, connected at internet speeds above 16Mbps in Q4 of The other worldwide region which is leading the way in faster internet is Scandinavia. For a region with a much smaller population when compared to Asian, European and North American countries, Scandinavian countries have internet that connects at fast speeds and at scale.

Apart from the concentrated Scandinavian region, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Latvia provide some of the fastest internet in the world. These countries actually rank above Finland and Denmark for internet speed. Average internet speeds in the USA have increased by In Q3 of , average connection speeds were Whilst this is a positive for consumers, both peak and average internet speeds in the USA are well outside the global top Q3 update: Average internet speeds in the USA were Compared to Q4 of , this represents a Q1 update: Average internet speeds in the USA increased to In Q1 of , the USA enters top 10 average internet speed countries for the first time.

Fastest Mobile Networks 2018

This is to meet end user's insatiable demand for more bandwidth, as well as higher service expectations. The availability of fiber internet services on a wider scale. New community based fiber service and providers such as Google Fiber have entered the market in certain areas. Affordable, higher speed fiber internet connectivity is now more prevalent.

To summarize, internet speeds in the USA are well above the global average of 5.

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Within the Americas region, the USA ranks 1. On a regional level, South, Central and North American countries provide slow internet speeds, when compared on a global scale. To see how internet service speeds perform on a US state vs state level, see our internet speeds by state map. Within the Americas region, the below countries experienced the largest increases to average internet speed when comparing with ;. New data comparing average download speeds from June to May Akamai now focuses their state of the Internet reports on online security threats and DDoS attacks.

New data above, is from U. K based comparison site Cable. Cable compiled download speed data from million speed tests, in countries. Be aware new M-Lab data is download speed. Not average connection speed.

Top 5 Fastest Smartphones in the World: Speed Test

Download speed is typically faster than upload speed. Below this text, we've included two tables.