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  1. iPhone themes for Android : 5 Apps to make Android look like iPhone
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If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or even a 5S, you can download the perfect theme to match the three iPhone 5 S colors.

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If you want a clean theme that perfectly matches your 5S with over supported app icons, then Anode was made for you. And best of all, unlike many of the cooler Cydia themes, this one is free. As with most themes, you'll need WinterBoard on your jailbroken iOS device in order to install Anode's themes. Once you've entered the repo into Cydia, the themes should automatically be added to your WinterBoard.

You can double-check by searching for Anode in the Search section of Cydia to see if there's a green check mark next to it. If there isn't, go ahead and install Anode just like you would any other Cydia app. It's painfully slow which is a shame as the images when they eventually load are generally pretty good. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Come and explore the brand new UI, you wont' regret it! Fix several bugs. Fix minor bugs.

iPhone themes for Android : 5 Apps to make Android look like iPhone

Add the wallpaper setting tutorial 3. Fix the error that some wallpapers are failed to be shared 4. Hot topic wallpapers newly updated, keep up with the fashion. Fix bugs on iPhone6. Fix bugs. Fix black screen bug in thumb page. World Cup wallpapers for you.


Fix crash bug. New search tips New keywords supplied Better categories More surprises. Fix iOS7. While it's clunkier than using the apps themselves, iSkin's bookmarks are among the best ways to set custom app icons on your iPhone. One downside to using iSkin over custom bookmarks comes down to compatibility — you might find some or many of the bookmarks you download won't actually work.

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Some might even cover apps you don't have or have never heard of. Of course, you can always delete the faulty icons and keep the good ones. Another downside is that you'll have more icons on your home screen, though it's easy enough to banish all the real app icons to a folder out of the way.

Install Custom iOS Themes On ANY iPhone (No JAIL BREAK REQUIRED) 2017

If you're okay with having to do some home screen reorganizing, then this is the best way to go about getting custom icons. However, navigating the site can be a little daunting at first, so just follow these steps and you'll have your custom app icons in no time.

‎Wallpapers HD : New themes on the App Store

Choosing a theme is simple; iSkin's main page features a carousel of highlighted themes to browse. You can swipe left to view the selections given. When you find a theme that interests you, you can tap on it.

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  8. Alternatively, you can scroll down and tap "Browse all themes" to see all of iSkin's offerings. Again, simply tap any theme you like to continue. Once you've chosen a theme, scroll down on its page and tap "Application icons. While you can select individual app icons one by one by tapping on each icon, it's trickier to figure out how to get them all at once.

    This will prepare all of that theme's app icons for download.