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Here is a Video Tutorial for the Automated Money Harvesting Farms Method

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  4. Jurassic Park Builder iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Table of Contents

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Blue Swan Hospital Guide: Ski Jump Mania 3 Guide: Langrisser Mobile Enchantments Guide: Zoom in if you have to in order to get a more accurate read of where you want your roads. When you are deciding where to put your decorations, keep in mind which dinosaur pens can hold the highest amount of coins without being collected from.

Automated Money Harvesting Farms

Ideally, you should place loads of decorations in the center of all of your cages, and organize your cages around them so that many of them get a money bonus. Doing this may cost gold, but as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make more money. Have you managed to add at least five carnivores to the park? Great, because they will try to escape.

Jurassic Park Builder - Guide, Cheats and Strategy Tips

No, seriously. The Code Red gauge displays when the next storm is due to arrive. Once said gauge is full, tap it to begin a mini game where you must frantically press the carnivores to prevent them from making a run for it, earning bonus gold in the process.

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Remember when we said dinosaurs can level up? Well, so can you, sort of.

Jurassic Park Builder iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Look at the top left corner of the screen to view your current level. To reach the next level, you'll need to gain XP?

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How do you do that? Complete missions, clear away rocks and excess plants after bulldozing a section of jungle, and place new dinosaurs throughout the park. Here's the cool thing about logging in using your Facebook account.

From there, press the friends icon directly beneath the mail icon. You also have the option of sending gifts, inviting more people to play the game or visiting a random person's park. Read Modojo's Jurassic Park Builder review.

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