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Trick it to the man.

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Practice and exploration are highly encouraged, and it may take multiple replays to discover and master the best route. The game is short, and can be completed in around three hours. However, there are plenty of reasons to jump back into Vector. Levels generally take only minutes to finish, making quick visits to nab stars during breaks appealing. Collecting stars unlocks difficult bonus missions that test your parkour skills to the limit. To progress through the stages, you need to collect stars to unlock two of the game's main sections.

The number of stars necessary to unlock these areas is high, meaning you need to purchase many tricks and master multiple stages just to proceed. In time, earning the necessary stars to increase currency and purchase moves becomes a slow grind. Mistakes get frustrating, and the game soon has you pounding away at the restart key, sometimes even moments after starting a stage.

Vector [Game] slow on Defy? | Motorola Defy

But when everything goes right, Vector is a fast-paced joyride that earns your attention. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Escape your corporate masters and embrace freedom. Earn rewards by performing tricks. Don't slow down: Upvote Leave Blank. About the Author. There's a natural fluid flow to the movement, and the attention to detail is a delight. Jump too early and your avatar scrambles to find his footing on the other side.

Jump too late and what could have been a graceful leap over an inconsiderately placed vent becomes a clumsy tumble that hands your pursuer vital inches of ground. Touch-screen control means you feel every move at a more visceral level. Frantically swishing horizontally to get enough speed before swiping up for a breathtaking leap into the unknown is far more immersive than if you'd simply pressed a button. Here, the style is the substance.

Identifying jank

You could make the exact same game with a less flamboyant look and the gameplay wouldn't have to change at all. But then you wouldn't get that cinematic thrill of hurling yourself into space, crashing through a window or somersaulting off a water tower. Witness the way a slight difference in launch trajectory changes the kind of acrobatics you pull off, or the way the man chasing you slumps and wheezes if you make it to the safety of the level's end.

There's humanity in every movement, which sells the primal urgency of the otherwise barren chase narrative. There's structure here, too. Unlike Canabalt, this isn't an endless runner made up of random obstacles. You're scampering through strictly defined levels, sometimes with multiple routes, trying to earn the full three-star rating by finding bonus icons and hitting specific stunt points.

You're also earning credits, which are used to unlock more advanced parkour moves. You don't technically need them all, but without them you won't be getting all the points from each level, reducing your star total and making it harder to access later stages. Mostly, you'll want to save up for these moves because - like so much in Vector - they look really cool. It's here that micro-transactions slink into view, but they've been kept carefully separated from the gameplay. It's still up to your skill and timing to put them to good use.

On a iPhone 6, the game can run on full texture res, real time shadows, bloom effect, and Amplify color, and maintain an amazing FPS, it even runs better on a iPhone 5c than a Samsung S6. On a Samsung Galaxy S6 much better specs half res textures, no shadows, no effects, the game can maintain 30 fps for about 5 minutes, and then after that it just runs very bad, and also gets VERY hot. Some stats, without shadows, etc.

Things we have already tried, which helped a bit, but not enough! With pretty low drawcalls and verts I expected the game to run great! Any idea what could be happening, and why it is so bad compared to iOS? LevelVV and JamesArndt like this.

Vector Game (1-9 lvl) (Android & iOS)

Feb 25, Posts: I've seen similar performance issues, but I'm not sure if it's a Unity issue or an 'iOS devices are just a lot faster' issue. Thermal throttling on Android seems a real problem. You get full speed for a few minutes, then the device gets hot and slows down significantly, whereas iOS devices manage to maintain a consistent level of performance.

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But your draw call count is low already. One thing to be aware of is that some Android phones e. It may be worth trying a reduced render resolution?

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Last time I tried it, occlusion culling was very CPU intensive, and was ineffective on mobile scenes that are generally smaller and optimised for low draw calls lots of meshes welded together, few materials , as it can only cull on a per-object basis. Hey, happy to see other people interested in this! Yea, the thermal throttling on Android is extremely bad, and you are very right about iOS having the advantage with metal, I guess it will help a bit once more Androids get Vulcan and Unity fully supports it.

I could try experimenting with occlusion culling again and see if I get any FPS increase. Maybe by default I will run the game at maybe. Mar 31, Posts: S6 screen resolution is x and 5c is x You should use same resolution on both phones. Of course before unity 5. Do not forget that unity 5 SetResolution doesn't work properly!!! Last edited: Nov 16, LightingBox2 , Nov 16, My solution to change screen resolution correctly in Unity 5: Code CSharp:. SetResolution , , true ;. GetInt "Loaded"!

LoadLevel Application.

Vector Review

SetInt "Loaded" , 3 ;. SetInt "Loaded" , 7 ;. JamesArndt likes this. We do this by default on all android phones, we sample the resolution and multiply it by. Now I am very curious about how you say you had performance issues before Unity 5.