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But i found it quite slow, and had various errors pop up… so back to stock. Does someone know how to remount system to rw in this firmware? I read you post and I am having the same problem… did you ever get your tablet fixed? I have the same problem. Followed the instruction above. Device did not reboot. Turned off power and tried; unplugged power cord and tried.

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Device does not boot at all. Please advise. Replying to my own email and for benefit of any who encounter same problem. The simple secret is the reset: Market works fine 2. It basically all works as expected except the charging is odd, seems to only charge reliably while it is on and awake. Typing this from my arnova. The update was sucessful but can not play flash videos anymore which is a big problem…. With the Archos Arnova 10b there is a problem though, after flashing this rom if you ever let the screen time out go black , or let the unit sleep there is no real way to wake the unit up.

The only way is to connect the unit to the USB on your PC, then the screen comes on and u can unlock and use. A good rom, with root, nice, but you cant leave it and let the screen timeout because if you do you cant wake it back up.

Google Market on Arnova 10 G2 | Frustrated IT Engineer

Kill some applications to have more memory free. Where the new firmware? I would like to overclock arnova 10B. Any Ideas as to how to fix the flash player issue. When you try to install it the device lists as unknown ac device and tells you the device is not supported. Very good start. However, there are some issues with the power button.

Google Market on Arnova 10 G2

It seems to go inactive after being on for awile. Currently I had to do a reset 5 times to make it work. Please take a look at this issue and let us know if you find out anything. Any suggestions on flash player installation. I am so sorry, I am dumb when it comes to this stuff, and it says to copy image file to the root, what is the root? Root is the top directory.

You can put it on the internal memory or the SD card. The simplest thing would be to put it on a blank SD card. I need to install Relay. I have install youtube and camera appli. Only skype have a problem: Someone have a solution? Very good job , thanks a lot. After installing , only cam missing and impossible to connect to skype?? Others applications works correctly. I have 2. I have tried the Market Fix multiple times but cant get all of searched apps. The version of Market is 3.

Is ther a better version and how can I get it working correctly? Works great. The only thing I would like is the patch to connect to adhoc networks. Market fix took twice to work. Thank you developers of this 2. More experimentation on the 2. Must go to setting to make the connection. Now using a Wifi widgit. Now using a Battery widgit. When will we see the next update? After much experimentation, I have found that this tablet prefers 5: If you want the maximum in clarity and optimized file size for your videos, here are the settings I came up with.

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  7. Adding more to either bitrate wont help the quality. AAC Audio Bitrate: Default These settings work great on my Epic and my Touchpad. Just got my 10b and installed this firmware. So far so good. Starting to go through and figure out which apps I need here and start finding out which ones will actually work on the tablet. Hi all, I installed the newest Froyo for Arnova 10b.

    Everything seemed fine after 1st roboot. Market worked well after clearing up the cache. However, it goes to locked screen somehow, and I have no way to turn it on. Connected to PC did not help. I can not use this tab at all? Anyone has the same problem? I will try to hard reset, will report later. Has stopped unexpectedly.

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    Please try again. Hi I have downloaded the app to my 10 g2 but when I try and download from the firmware section it gives me an error message error 95… something about not being able to access the archive and to check my device is not mounted on a USB — which it is not… can you help? Having lot of problems updating flash firmware. Wont read then keeps freezing the touch screen plus since got tab been having lots of manufactor issues any help plz. I have a arnova 10 G2 4gb Installed the Kasty firmware. After erase nand flash etc the message did not disappear.

    I hope anybody can give me a solution. Thanks bob. I tried to install the newest version. Result after formatting etc. System did not act anymore during a long time. Try to flash again, use Restore button on Rockchip batch tool. I just bought a Arnova 10 G2. I followed the instruction from the video. I Installed Arctools 0. Looks like the custom firmware we have for the 10b G2 is for the capacitive model only.

    If you want to try, the firmware is in Arctools now see firmware section in the application. Please let me know how it goes. Do I have to remove all software on de device before running this firmware? So backup all apps, but also browser and so on???

    • Arnova 10b custom Android 2.2 (Froyo) firmware with Android Market and root – kasty-arn10b-22-01.
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    Have already clear the data. Do you remember updating Adobe Flash application? You can install this version of flash Of course it is my fault and I was stupid doing this, but I only tried the flash because I did see that there was an unbrick tool. See the forum notes. By the way: The flash went fine, and everything seemed to work. Only after a shutdown, the tablet got bricked. Your device is probably not bricked, you should be able to recover it and flash a new firmware, please check Rockchip flashing tool.

    It scans for available wifi attempts to authenticate with the network before disabling it. All of this is for the Arnova 10G2 4gb tablets…. Play Store worked great with all the apps. At first Play Store would only show apps. I tried all the Market fix procedures and nothing worked. So I decided to go back to my original tablet that is working and I took the version from 2 weeks ago and substituted it on the tablet, used arctools to reset market and then one reset later…All apps are in the Play Store.

    I really appreciate the firmware and all the solutions found on this forum. You all rock! Thanks for your feedback. Also, as an aside, a search for YouTube as shown in the video does not return any results for the official app. You can either try the Market fix as show as the end of the video, or flash again we have just released a new 1. Hi, a few people have asked if this will work with the Arnova 10G2 4mb but no one has answered this yet. I would like to know the same thing. Please check for Play Store in your application list. I added this update to my new tablet and all worked fine, I had access to android market but there were very few apps in it.

    Allow Superuser access to have the Market data file cleared repeat 4 times. Then reboot immediately the tablet and restart the Market. It should be fine then. Thanks that worked although still seem to have very few apps in the android market, should I try the market fix procedure again? Just push the Empty data button for Market in the Applications Settings. Then restart the Market. Hi — please help! I used the video above to install the market place on my Arnova 10 G2 8GB and it all worked fine. I can sincerely recommend this tablet though, especially for the retail price.

    I suspect that the 10 G2 will become a hit and that will hopefully lead to a lot of support and custom tweaks. If you are thinking about buying one, do it. Jun It seems that the creators of the custom rom have some delay. I read somewhere that the rom will be ready somewhere this month. A few years ago I got a MIO P pda; there was someone who created a custom rom for it to enable windows mobile 6. The creator of that ROM posted somewhere that it was coming very soon.

    I waited over a year until it was ready. I hope that the creators of the custom rom for the Arnova 10 G2 will work faster than the creator of the rom for my Mio device. I would like to thank people that spend their time for creating custom roms for our devices.

    Firmware Android 2.2 (Froyo) pour Arnova 10b avec Android Market et root – kasty-arn10b-22-01

    It seems that it's not always easy to do. And they surely deserve respect for it. We can only wait and have patience. I'm looking everyday on the net to see if I can find a link to it, so when it's ready and the link isn't posted here yet because a lot of others are searching to, I guess I will post it here. Arnoa 10 g2. In the mean time I will have to perserver with trying to add google apps. I thought I should be able to connect this in debugging mode plug it into my pc and us superoneclick to root but so far my pc fails to identify its driver!

    I have installed the google developer usb drivers but no joy and I haven't found out what he button configuration is for the boot menu like my galaxy s, do i assume that I need a specific Arnova driver or am I missing something? It seems that the root has been delayed again. It appears the devs have other more important tablets to root before our arnova g2