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The bread next to that yellow price tag is actually 79p.

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If items get shoved around on the shelves, it adds to the problem even more. And you get little time for making any changes at the till, as you will find out below. If you just want cheap and standard food items and aren't bothered about brands or top quality, then the Everyday Essentials range is for you. Among this range, there's a jar of jam for 28p and a jar of marmalade for 27p. Or you can pay a bit more for branded items - that pushes the price of marmalade up to 49p for a jar made by Grandessa, which is still a bargain. Flaxseed, linseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame and chia are the latest superfoods.

They're full of essential nutrients and can be mixed into porridge, yoghurt or smoothies. If you think Aldi is all about basics, you'd be wrong. They do some fancy foods too, in a range called Specially Selected. And you can find these products on the shelves at Aldi. There's gluten-free pasta, bread, muffins, cookies, crackers, soup, porridge and more.

Budget shops might have an image of being little more than aisles of packets and cans but they do have fresh produce too. For instance, an Aldi cucumber was 44p, a huge sweet potato 57p, Iceberg lettuce 44p, a pack of courgettes 85p and a pack of onions 47p. Every time we've visited it was being restocked while we were there, adding to the impression of freshness. You should also keep your eyes peeled for the special Super 6 deals. These are weekly deals where six items of fruit and veg will be discounted even further, so make sure you take advantage of these if you really want to blag a bargain.

You can also go dairy-free at Aldi without forking out high prices for cartons of milk alternatives. It offers soya or almond priced at just 59p, about a third of the price of some cartons of dairy-free drinks. Aldi's checkout staff are legendary.

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They scan your shopping at lightning speed, and it really does need to be seen to be believed. Items are rapidly flicked and flung across the checkout area before you can remove already-scanned goods - so it's like a supermarket pinball machine or skittles game gone haywire, giving even the fastest of fingers little time for getting things in bags. Firstly, be sure to calculate how many bags you need as they are stored on shelves below the conveyor and you need to grab them before your own checkout begins.

I applied the fix, and it worked! But, you guessed it, six weeks later, I checked with a missed caller about a message.

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He had left a message, about a security issues at the practice. Credit did not last long on the XL plan had to recharge 3 times in a month just go with a company that has unlimited calls and texts.

The first time took many phone calls, but I was sure that this time things would go smooth. But again we are caught in a Kafkian call centre hell. No phone for 2 weeks due to work on telstra towers on Samsung Galaxy 7edge. Promised will be fixed every day. Still no refund of credit purchased even have been told it will take 3 to 5 days to make a decision for the refund. Aldi agrees the service was out!!!!!!!! Trying to go to Telstra now and funny it's taken 1 day for the number to come across. Just on to Aldi for 1 hour and still no service on phone.

12 secret Aldi tricks and tips you need to know for your next shop

Just been advised the number has been transferred!!!!! Still no service. Would recommend you stay away from Aldi mobile service. Absolutely no customer service. Unable activate SIM online as it tells me that the activation code is incorrect. Called call centre who say they cannot help because their system is running slow! Tried an hour later.

CAD Monkey: Aldi to sell Saorview Receiver

Same response. I used to get 4 gigs data included which would roll over each month with no expiry. Then I get an email today telling me from my next recharge it will be increased to 6 gigs. It really is brilliant and they recently updated the app which is heaps better than the previous version. Top marks ALDI. Trying to activate the Aldi SIM has been so unnecessarily difficult.

I would NOT recommend this service to anyone, especially if you find computers challenging. What should be a simple process has been a lengthy ordeal. Firstly they don't consider a passport as suitable enough proof of your identity, they insist on deducting amounts of money from you bank account. When that doesn't work they have no answers and tell you that you are not eligible for a refund. I would suggest going anywhere but Aldi if you want to avoid the frustration and headache it has caused me. Every other phone company delivers a far easier service with none of these strings attached.

Do yourself a favour and go with a company where you can have a working SIM in minutes opposed to spending money on a faulty service.

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  • I've been with Aldimobile for almost 3 years and I've never had one problem, compared to the self confessing idiots below and possibly the idiots that will follow above. No wonder Aldimobile wins so many Telco awards!!!. Number disconnected for no reason. Weeks of delays empty promises it will be resolved in and hour, by C. B, in 2 days.. I found the convert process really easy and the monthly recharge packs offered are fantastic value.

    There coverage is through Telstra so I really only experience drop outs when the Telstra network goes down I really recommend this product and have put most of my family on it. Bought an Aldi Sim Card was told it was simple all info contained on back She transferred me pretty quickly like a delinquent I consider myself an intelligent seventy five year old with degrees but ended up on the phone again to be processed and have little control of my account. Now please fix your registration process I only want a short password that I will remember trying to keep your own password daysare gone.

    And when you next use it you are never right and have to start again even when it is in black and white from the last time. Anyway here goes hope you are better than boost. But fix your call centre that is mostly pathetic too. No network,no customer service ,no help for elderly and not a care in the world other then money. For more information on Saorview, click here.

    Hi, Sorry, I can't comment on what format the usb drive needs to be, sorry. I didn't buy one in the end. I bought one of these instead: Cool what made you choose it and are you happy with it? Does it record in Hd? Does it have an epg so you can queue things to record?